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We were over the moon with appreciation for all the kind donations

Moon shinging on the night sea

...of equipment

...of supplies

...and all the other support

...that Keith received from his sponsors

for his British Isles Challenge and the Atlantic Challenge.

Sponsors for the Round the World Challenge
Globe and compass

We're currently planning Keith's     ROUND THE WORLD CHALLENGE    for the summer of 2015 and would welcome

your offers of support or sponsorship.

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Keith's sponsors for the British Isles and Atlantic Challenges

Keith's kind sponsors are listed below,

but first, Keith would especially like to mention gratitude and acknowledgement to Simon Cox and Deborah James who tirelessly supported him as his land crew on both his British Isles and Atlantic Challenges and who, for the 4 years of those Challeges from 2005 to 2009, organised and maintained his web-site.